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ARLU is the company behind the argenta® and rob® brands for interior and exterior solutions, respectively.

argenta® has been a leading name for indoor fittings for almost a century, but it is now mostly associated with invisible door systems.

Sleek lines and a “back-to-basics” ethos characterize minimalist architecture. This results in integrated door fittings and imperceptibly integrated solutions for door frames and skirting boards in the case of internal doors. For hinged, sliding, and pivoting doors, all of this is possible.


It is possible to obtain integrated doors in walls with a frameless look thanks to a clever aluminium inside the door frame. The invisidoor seamlessly aligns the door with the wall, allowing architects to create clean lines.


Unlike traditional interior doors, invisidoor prioritizes contemporary, minimalist architecture and the highest level of purity in all aspects. The completely disguised hinges and doorframe make this the best choice for elegant environments. In this manner, the building’s design may get the attention it deserves without being overshadowed by technical considerations, which sometimes take precedence over aesthetic considerations.

INVISIDOOR 2.0 is a new version of INVISIDOOR.

Invisidoor 2.0 stands for maximum flexibility in invisidoor doorframes. The invisidoor 2.0 doorframe is made up of a base profile with u-profiling, which allows the position of the invisible neo hinges and lock to be flexibly changed using various adapters. Because the foundation frame for doors that rotate to the left and right is the same, the door’s rotation orientation can be freely chosen even after the frame has been plastered in. The remaining area in the u-profile is simply and neatly finished using the cover profile once the position of the adapters has been determined.


ARLU’s invisidoor technology also provides the ideal answer for pivot doors. The end product is a completely undetectable doorframe and base that allows doors to swing open in both directions, all while maintaining minimalism and clean style.



Argenta® invisidoor AX is an invisible aluminium frame for inside pivot doors that can be built and plastered easily, fast, and discreetly. Installing a pivot door is a piece of cake with this novel concept; fitting the frame with its integrated pivot system is a breeze, and no built-in floor system is necessary. Argenta invisidoor AX is ideal for a dressing room door or a door between a kitchen and a living room since it can be pushed open effortlessly and quickly in both directions without the use of a door handle.



The Argenta® invisidoor AX Pro is an invisible aluminium frame for interior pivot doors weighing up to 100 kg, making it perfect for heavier and more frequently used applications. Because the pivot mechanism is built into the door leaf, argenta invisidoor AX Pro can be used in both new construction and renovation projects, making it the ideal alternative for floors with under-floor heating in both cases. The door opens in both directions and features a 90-degree hold position. The door always returns to its zero position thanks to an active closure damper. This maintains the door precisely flush with the wall, ensuring that the wall’s clean aesthetic is not disrupted. The Argenta invisidoor AX Pro meets the EN 1154 standard’s standards.


When space is at a premium, sliding door systems are the ideal answer. When compared to the opening angle of a swing or pivot door, no space is lost as the door leaf slips into the wall. Sliding door systems from Argenta®, which are based on the invisidoor idea, provide a timeless and basic design for both glass and wood interior doors.


When open, the Invisidoor S disappears into the wall, and when closed, it sits precisely flush. It’s the perfect marriage of the best features of invisidoor DL and invisidoor SDX: an invisible doorframe for pivot doors with the practical space-saving capabilities of a pocket door. The one-of-a-kind door hardware not only ensures ideal and diagonal guidance for the door leaf, but also keeps the door leaf accessible at all times for height adjustments and removal if necessary. In other words, the door leaf disappears fully into the wall, combining ergonomics with top architectural.

Arlu - mixxwindows


Argenta® invisidoor SDX is a comprehensive solution for interior doors that slide into the wall with an invisible aluminium frame, allowing you to extend the clean design of the invisidoor series to your sliding doors in both wood and glass. With the addition of the argenta invisidoor SDX for timber sliding doors in a corner configuration, a whole new world of interior design possibilities has opened up. Separating small areas without losing any sense of spaciousness is a talent that can be found in both assisted-living facilities and lofts. Thanks to Manual or Auto Fix, interior doors weighing up to 100 kg can be simply removed, and the removable top profile guarantees that the same applies to all doorstops and closers.

What are the advantages?


• A single frame may be used for both left and right-hand doors

• You can choose between a left or right-hand door even after the doorframe has been installed/finished

• You can always add an extra hinge or door closure


  • No visible frame around the door
  • Paintable primer coating as standard (powder-coated in any RAL color upon request)

Installation that is quick and easy

The position of the finger plate and hinges may be modified based on the placement in the door leaf (excl. reveals) • The position of the finger plate and hinges can be altered depending on the positioning in the door leaf (excl. reveals)

Can be applied universally 

• For all standard and non-standard door openings (new construction and renovations)

• For conventional flush doors

• For both brick and plasterboard walls

Little chance of cracks in plasterwork thanks to

  • Internal corner joints with permanent access to miters
  • Strong and easy wall-mounting using screws or window anchors
  • Special dovetail profiling for optimum PUR and plaster adherence
  • There is no distinction between bespoke and standard dimensions.
  • The top rail (width) and stiles (height) can both be readily cut/adjusted to fit your needs.

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