Architecture and Interior Designing job is the most exciting job on earth, as it allows one to be more creative and innovative as much as possible. Many Architects and Interior designers have made big names in India and as well as international platforms for their outstanding projects.  

Any Architects and Interior designing professional reach the height of success because of the support system of clients and suppliers they work with. Suppliers play important role in accelerating any front-end design professional, Suppliers with an extreme capacity of supplying the desired elements for design professionals would always be the backbone of any successful Architect and Interior Designer.

Good supplier support is vital to turn any Architectural and Interior designing project into a masterpiece. Mixx windows is a perfect choice for those professionals who are very specific with their design ideas and work for big-budget projects 

Mixx windows is such one organization working with many top Indian Architects and Interior Designers for the past 2 decades and ensuring quality and on-time supply of Luxury Fenestration requirements for Doors & Windows. Mixx Windows is surely a one-stop-shop for all needs of Architect and Interior Designer professionals, especially for some of the most exclusive imported international brands.

All Luxury Fenestration requirements for Doors & Windows, Curtain Glazing’s and Façade Claddings solutions in Aluminum, Alu-wood, Engineered Burma Teak and other exotic materials such as Bronze and Copper and many other product lines are available with Mixx Windows, to witness these luxury product display one can visit a exclusive showroom of Mixx Windows at 39-40 B IDC, 2 Floor, Main MG Road, Gurgaon (Haryana) 122 001, INDIA. Mixx Windows can supply these luxury systems to any part of India

Mixx Windows is also an exclusive partner and importer of some of the finest International brands like Metra, Otiima, Acristalia, Renson, Secco, and Arlu, etc. 

Mixx Windows has wisely picked up these international brands for the service of Architects and Interior Designer in India. Mixx windows team’s vast experience and In-house R&D would help Architects and Interior Designers to turn their dream designs into reality. Some of the International amazing products which would not be available and only custom made based on requirements, as now can be easily imported with help of Mixx Windows

Since Mixx Windows has multiple tie-ups with many international brands, it’s a breeze for any Architect and Interior designers to have a wide range of options for windows and façade solutions.

Mixx windows is a preferred choice for hundreds of Architects and Interior Designers in India, and its excellent service team is up for any support and customization required as per Individual projects. Mixx Windows has been able to be on top in the industry because of its team of visionary promoters, amazing team of engineers and consultants, quality and technically sound international brands and last but not the least its clients who always trust for any fenestration requirement of their commercial and residential projects 

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