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Mixx Windows is an exclusive Indo-Italian collaboration with over 25000 sq ft of unique exhibition area in Delhi – Gurgaon, offering nothing but the best-in-class Doors, Windows, Curtain Glazing, and Facade Cladding requirements for select Indian premium clients.

What do MixxWindows and its partners Metra have to offer in terms of custom projects?

Envelopes for architectural building projects

MixxWindows’s partner Metra Building Architectural Solutions was formed to give cutting-edge aluminium solutions all over India, developed by its partners and specialists who collaborate with the most imaginative designers in the creation and realization of projects that will go down in architectural history.
Metra Building is the appropriate partner to turn the most ambitious building and architectural concepts into reality, whether conventional or non-standard, thanks to its high-tech characteristics and distinctive know-how.

Metra Building’s integrated production and supply chain

Every process is affected by Metra Building’s quality. To guarantee optimal efficiency, the entire supply chain is supervised internally and centrally regulated.
Metra Building has been equipped with a comprehensive ERP system to meet demand and supply on time.


Metra Building assists architects and professionals in India through MixxWindows throughout the project design process. The team’s decades of experience are put to the designer’s advantage to provide the ideal integrated aluminium solutions for each project.
All of the profiles are then manufactured in the partner’s facilities, which is why architectural projects that aspire to push the boundaries of design and technology find a full, available, and dependable partner in MixxWindows in India

Chain of production that is integrated

Metra Building ensures experience, quality, and technology at every stage of the aluminium manufacturing process, from custom design to completed architectural projects.
The numerous certifications that we have received from national and international agencies attest to the maximum effectiveness of our procedures. For the customer, Metra Building’s integrated supply chain translates to safety, cost savings, and utmost respect for construction site timelines.


One of the greatest problems the Metra Building and its partner team face is adapting to the needs and timelines of its customers. Metra Building sees the emergence and expansion of major architectural projects all over the world, undertakings that need a tremendous deal of effort and a strong willingness to participate. A collaborative effort that transcends boundaries and barriers to produce a stunning final product. Metra Building has 60 years of experience in the industry sector, and its machine park and integrated supply chain consolidated on the most demanding markets help it stand out.

Challenge-taking proclivity

Metra Building’s team of specialists is driven to meet new challenges every day by unconventional shapes and sizes. Visionary demands, ambitious initiatives, and grandiose visions that Metra Building turns into reality ready to conquer eyes and hearts and cement their place in the collective imagination by working together. Metra Building wants to conquer these challenges while remaining environmentally conscious.

Design, as well as customized and conventional solutions

Metra Building-integrated aluminium systems serve the most forward-thinking architects and their most ambitious architectural projects.

From the first steps in the design of structures destined to make history at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, its team of specialists takes on the challenge of turning their thoughts into reality every day.

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