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The most common doorway for both residential and commercial buildings is automatic sliding doors.

For a variety of building styles, they provide the ideal blend of ease and aesthetics. We’ll go through the many types and advantages of sliding automated doors in this piece. We’ll also go over the advantages of this type of door. Finally, we’ll provide a list of questions to assist you in selecting the appropriate type.

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A single-moving doorway sliding door is this sort of sliding door. A permanent entryway can sometimes be found next to a moving one. In some cases, a wall might be placed in front of the movable doorway. A single sliding slider may create a 7 to 9 foot wide aperture. The single sliding entryway is ideal for low-traffic areas because of this. This type of entryway can be used on both the inside and outside of a building. Because of the doorway’s design flexibility, this is possible. Finally, this mechanism is a suitable solution if your entrances are only used by one person and do not need to accept bulky things.


Bi-parting sliding doors open from the middle, creating a significantly larger opening. Semi-fixed versions of this doorway are also available. There may be a single side panel on each side that does not open in some circumstances. The sliding slider is positioned behind or in front of the fixed panel in this situation. Occasionally, all of the sliders will open and can be slid into a wall opening.

This type of entryway allows for big openings due to its flexibility. In reality, most bi-parting sliding doors can accommodate a 9 to 14-foot wide opening. They’re ideal for hospitals, grocery stores, and other high-traffic places because of this. Bi-parting doors are a wonderful alternative if numerous individuals need to pass through your entrances at the same time or if you need to accommodate bulky things. Canuck Door Systems has a long history of assisting customers in selecting and installing the ideal door. The popular bi-parting motorized sliding door is an example of this. Get an estimate for your project by contacting us right now.


These are a version of the previously stated single sliding doors. Telescoping doors have three panels with two sliding panels instead of two panels with one sliding panel. They offer the ideal compromise between the space-saving advantages of single sliding doors and the bi-folding doorway size. The telescopic door opens to 75 percent of the full doorway width when fully extended. The single sliding doorway design, on the other hand, only allows for a 50 percent opening. Finally, a telescoping door may be the best option if your doorway is low-traffic but has to accommodate peak traffic or large things on occasion.


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This type of door offers a variety of innovative functions by incorporating an electronic component into the door system. The automatic sliding mechanism is first and foremost. The door senses an approach and slides open using a motion sensor in the center of the top frame. This eliminates the need to open and close the door, which is ideal for sanitary reasons. In addition, the automatic sliding mechanism extends the life of the door.

This door system lasts a long time since the bearings are sturdy and there is no need for user interaction. A benefit that is sometimes neglected is the reduction of the possibility of mishandling the door mechanism. We want to provide you with a long-lasting installation at Canuck Door Systems. To discover more about your options, please contact us. Our skilled experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

New motion and other sensor technologies may also help to increase the adoption of this door style. Attendance counting and other technologies are frequently embedded into the entrance. The number of people in the building is tallied and recorded using various technologies. To strengthen building security, surveillance cameras can be connected to the door.

Automated sliding doors also allow for automatic locks. A time lock can lock the door for a brief period following an alarm by connecting with alarm systems. This can help to increase security and lower the chance of property loss.

With the deployment of an emergency electrical backup system, all of the above advantages can be secured. When the power goes out, this type of system ensures that none of the electrical functions of the door system fail.

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