Timber sliding doors combined with an attractive system are no longer to be hidden. The choice between rustic or modern design combined with a variety of colors and materials is suitable for any interior. All fittings are designed for wall mounting and can be used before the skirting board.


This vintage sliding door system is a real eye-catcher that matches perfectly with cottages and contemporary-styled design. The loft is available in painted black (RAL 9005) or painted brown (RAL 8017) for timber or glass doors of max. 100 kg. The synthetic insert in the wheels guarantees a very smooth movement of the door. Stops with integrated magnets have been designed to keep the door in position


With the newcomer, Square Argenta aims for a linear form, stylishly integrated into a minimalist context. The anodized aluminium hardware technology is characterized by a silent smooth run of the invisible wheels. For doors up to 80 kg, this tempting gear guarantees a quiet run in a unique design. Square is available in anodized aluminium and black powder-coated. In both open and closed positions, magnets hold the door in place


Visitop Alu really wants to show its large pulleys and elegant stoppers. This special design is available for timber or glass doors of max. 80 kg, in anodized aluminium and in the black or white structural coating. The large synthetic surface of the pulleys, mounted on ball bearings, guarantees a smooth running. The renewed top track has no need for brackets to be mounted


These architectural systems for timber or glass doors of max. 100 kg procure an industrial finishing touch to any interior. The visible sliding door technique creates a magnificent design look. All of the sliding door system know-how has been integrated into this concept: a flexible and soft movement is a real priority in compliance with long-life quality material (stainless steel AISI 304). Good functioning of the door requires that the door width must be at least 1/3 of the door height.

ARLU is the manufacturer behind the brand names argenta® and rob®. Argenta has been a leading brand in door hardware for over 100 years, but today it is mainly synonymous with invisible door systems. Minimalist architecture swears by clean lines and a “back to the essence” mentality. In terms of interior doors, this results in integrated door fittings, invisibly integrated techniques, door frames, and skirting boards for revolving, sliding, and pivoting doors. Argenta stands for a full range of sleek interior solutions.

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