In a stylish new-build home in Zele, Belgium, minimalist internal doors with an undetectable ARLU frame were installed. Although the doors with the invisible frame appear to be elegant and straightforward, custom work such as this is far from simple to produce and install. Craftsmanship in production and execution is more expensive than ever before, but the result is a high-quality door that will last a lifetime.

Dierick Deuren designed and installed the internal doors. “The invisible metal frame is plastered in, hiding the technical features from view and ensuring the door fits precisely flat with the wall,” Jonathan De Sloover adds. This means that the closed doors and the walls create a single whole. There are no frames at all, and the hinges are hidden from view from the exterior.”


In this new building, Dierick Deuren installed seven argenta invisidoor DL doors and two invisidoor SDX integrated sliding doors. The SDX built-in mechanism guarantees that the open sense is maintained while preserving the flexibility to instantly divide into two rooms. There isn’t a single square millimeter of wall lost in the house because the door leaf slides into the wall. And in today’s increasingly compact homes, this adds a lot of value in terms of space savings.

Dierick Deuren prefers to use the DL version of the software. “The neo S5 hinges that go with them have an ‘easy hook’ system that makes installation a breeze. A single person, for example, can hang and remove doors. This is beneficial to both carpenters and plasterers and painters.”


“More technical equipment and knowledge are required for these types of minimalist doors than for a traditional interior door with a door leaf and frame.” The installation of the aluminium door frame, neo S5 hinges, and magnetic lock is unique work that must be done with extreme caution. Both mechanically and using installation foam, the frames must be attached.”

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