Different Type of Window Frame

The foundation of windows, window frames are what separates a good window from one that will survive more than ten years. Additionally, before purchasing any glass, you must know the style and dimensions of your window frame.

Check out this quick window frame guide if you’re not sure what kinds of window frames there are.

Windows with vinyl frames

These windows have polyvinyl chloride frames (or PVC).

Don’t worry, though; its frame doesn’t resemble a typical PVC pipe. It is designed like every other window frame and is straight and flat. You won’t even notice it is the same material used to build plumbing pipes once it is filled with glass.

Additionally affordable, vinyl frames provide excellent home insulation.

What You Should Know Besides

Even though they will resemble standard window frames, they won’t appear to be composed of wood or other conventional materials.

Vinyl window frames may not be very durable because they aren’t as sturdy as other window frame materials.

Window frames made of wood

Wooden frames are time-honored, enduring, and strong. They also give the house an attractive look that many people appreciate. These frames can function properly and last a long time if they are well-maintained.

What You Should Know Besides

These frames are very expensive and require a lot of upkeep. Whenever wood is exposed to the proper climate conditions, it runs the risk of rotting or weathering.

The frames must continue to be painted. If you don’t, the moisture content of the wood may vary, resulting in greater than usual expansion and contraction of the frames.

Fiberglass Window Frames

Fiberglass frames are easy to maintain and have a long lifespan. These frames outperform wood, PVC, and any other material in terms of resistance to weather changes.

Additionally, fibreglass works well as an insulator to maintain a comfortable and controlled interior temperature.

What You Should Know Besides

Fiberglass occasionally falls flat. Some believe it lacks the same charm as other window frames even after being painted. Additionally, fibreglass can often be more expensive than timber frames, leading many consumers to select a less expensive option.

Window frames made of aluminium

These contemporary window frames are durable and sturdy. Aluminum window frames are the way to go if you want a modern, streamlined home.

These window frames require little maintenance, and if you opt not to paint them, your job decreases even more. Aluminum won’t rot, mildew, or become brittle in the sun.

What Kind of Window Frame Is Best for Me?

It all depends on where you reside, your financial situation, and the kind of effort you’re ready to put into your windows. Remember that materials like wood deteriorate more quickly than materials like aluminium or fibreglass, so if you can’t be bothered to maintain your window frames, you might want to look elsewhere.

How should you choose the ideal replacement window for your house?

You must consider six considerations to make sure you get the best replacement window for your house:


The most important consideration when buying a replacement window is quality.

Make sure the window you choose is strong, has a good energy efficiency rating, and ensures perfect insulation.

Look at the windows’ R-values, which represent their energy efficiency; the higher the R-value, the better the insulation.


For practically all families, the budget is crucial. However, just because a window costs a lot doesn’t automatically make it the best window.

Recognize the features of a window to know exactly what you are purchasing.


The finer points, finishes, and concluding features of your window will clearly show how well it was made.

To prevent any heat loss or leaks, replacement windows must exactly fit in the area of your old windows.

The assurance that your replacement window has been installed correctly is provided by a workmanship warranty

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