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METRA Building provides architects and designers with modern taste and cutting-edge technology. Its Poliedra-Sky aluminium integrated curtain wall systems are developed to enrich the most ambitious architectural contexts on an aesthetic and structural level, releasing designers from structural restraints and allowing them to create distinctive designs.

METRA Building curtain walls are a system that can be used to create increasingly complex geometrical shapes using glass, LAMINAMĀ® ceramic, stone, wood, and composites, all of which provide exceptional durability, thermal insulation, soundproofing, water tightness, and resistance to air, salt, and aggressive atmospheric agents.

Energy savings, photovoltaic system compatibility, and high-quality opening-closing devices round out the benefits.

Curtain Walls Supplier

METRA Building‘s Poliedra-Sky product line combines performance, passion, and future aspirations.

Large glazing for verandas, winter gardens, stairwells, and skylights are suitable applications for curtain walls in residential construction, as they ensure a significant increase in brightness, use of sunshine, and energy savings.

The system allows for the creation of vertical and inclined integrated curtain walls with the use of appropriate profiles and accessories, such as:

Poliedra-Sky 50, 50i, 60 traditional curtain walls with cover in view formed of mullions and transoms with captured glazing (pressor).

Poliedra-Sky 50S, 50CV are structural and semi-structural curtain walls made of mullions and transoms with glue or capturing frames and glazing.

Curtain walls with stainless steel anchorage devices that support point loads and are constructed of mullions and glass (brackets) Sky Glass 130/180

Poliedra-Sky Fast 80 is a unit curtain wall built of self-bearing parts with structural glue or captured glazing.

Curtain walls that are ventilated and composed of structures that can be used to create envelopes with blind or glazed panels. Wall of Urano.

METRA systems‘ versatility allows for the creation of high-tech and aesthetically pleasing structures, as the connections to the main building can be customized with additional steel, wood, and other materials, ensuring maximum flexibility for all customer requirements as well as optimal building balance. Huge glazed surfaces such as verandas, winter gardens, stairwells, and dormer windows are ideal applications in residential buildings, where the curtain wall allows for a large increase in incoming light and energy savings.

Unlike in the past, today’s curtain wall buildings require increasingly modern and integrated technologies to enable the production of specific geometrical shapes, sometimes even complex ones, and to generate dynamic and aerial beauty from the external cover. The Poliedra-Sky system can be utilized in new structures or restorations, replacing or integrating additional volumes, because of its beauty, tightness, and energy efficiency.

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