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Renson‘s aluminium carport is an excellent choice for sheltering your vehicle from adverse weather. The aluminium carport is visually appealing due to its slim aluminium frame and sturdy fixed roof, which eliminates the need for separating beams. You can choose from a freestanding model, one that is affixed to your home’s exterior, or one that extends above your front door. This means that between your car and your front door, you are constantly protected from the weather.

Renson’s aluminium carport’s fixed roof is made up of two high-quality parts. An enameled steel plate with an anti-condensation layer is the top layer.

A solar shade canvas screen in the color of your choice is stretched beneath it. The result is a smooth-looking stretch ceiling with a velvety appearance that hides the steel plates underneath. This minimalist and sleek aluminium carport come with a variety of alternative finishes, including LED lighting and fixed walls. From screw couplings to water drainage tubes, all of the technologies used are completely hidden. You may also combine the aluminium carport with a louvred pergola to create a large covered area that complements the overall design and feel of your home!


Do you connect carports with plexiglass patio covers from the past? If that’s the case, you’re completely wrong! Take a peek at the Algarve Canvas, a beautiful carport that protects your vehicle from the elements during the winter. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about this elegant and high-quality carport.

For the winter, a robust carport is required.

The Renson aluminium carport’s fixed roof is made up of two layers: an upper roof made of a lacquered, profiled steel sheet with an anti-condensation coating, and an aesthetic lower roof consisting of a stretched canvas with Renson’s proprietary and groundbreaking Fixscreen zipper technology. The canvas is firmly stretched in the construction (the girders are hidden) and is available in eight fashionable colours.

In conclusion, if you want a stylish carport without sacrificing quality or durability, the aluminium carport is the way to go.

Harmony at its finest

The aluminium carport is one of Renson’s many beautiful outdoor solutions, and it’s constructed in such a way that you can simply match it to your patio cover. As a consequence, the outside features of your home blend to form a harmonious whole. Did you know that you can use an optional connector piece that has the same look and feel like the aluminium carport to extend it to your front door? Guaranteed, your house will be a sight to behold!


If you’re thinking of adding a carport and a pergola to your dream home, matching them to each other as well as the style of your home is essential if you don’t want your project to look rushed. That is precisely why Renson established the Algarve Line!

Line of the Algarve

Renson‘s new Algarve Line includes a uniquely built aluminium pergola and carport. Furthermore, these structures can be customized to match the decor of your home, giving the impression that they’ve always been there.

Any architectural style can be matched with a patio cover.

The Algarve is a beautiful sight to behold. The patio cover compliments both modern and classic architectural types wonderfully because it has no visible screws and gives off a light and airy vibe. The Algarve patio cover is a seamless addition to your home when the exquisite frame is painted the same RAL color as your external doors and windows. By the way, did you know that the Algarve’s roof has moveable slats? As a result, you’ll always have control over how much sunshine shines on your patio.

Algarve Canvas is a stylish yet durable carport.

The Algarve Canvas carport, like the Algarve patio cover, has a slim profile and is available in the same RAL color palette. Because there are no visible intermediate beams, the roof appears light, but make no mistake: the aluminium construction is incredibly durable and resistant to severe storms. Renson’s unique technology ensures that the Fixscreen canvas bonded to the bottom is extremely robust and will never tear. It’s available in a variety of colors.

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