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OTIIMA‘s universe of sliding doors and exquisite windows is much more than a window’s world. More than just a window, a variety of technologies and solutions are available. A window into the future that you could create.

In India, Mixxwindows is a major importer of Otiima products and services.

Otiima is a Portugal brand available in India exclusively through MixxWindows.

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MUCH MORE THAN A WINDOW is the added corporate value for every system or solution given by OTIIMA, which is the trademark for minimal frame systems and solutions that generate much more than windows. OTIIMA began its adventure in the aluminum frame industry by designing and manufacturing simple windows.

It has developed STANDARD AND COMPLEMENTARY SYSTEMS to ensure a perfect fit with architectural principles, context, and requirements.

It currently offers four basic systems: CLASSIC, PLUS, FUSION, and FLEX, which are available in a wide range of opening types and provide the best thermal, acoustic, and water tightness performance.


Otiima MixxWindows

Watertightness, air permeability, wind-load resistance, and thermal insulation are all good features of this conventional sliding system.

The CLASSIC system employs toughened glass, which provides excellent resilience and enables big surfaces.

Vertical 20mm thick profiles with exceptional thermal, water, and air permeability, as well as wind-load resistance.

For the smooth, effortless manual opening, an exclusive sliding system with vertical stainless-steel bearings is used.


PLUS is a unique minimum window system with an innovative design (bottom and top positions) and all window frames flush with the construction materials. It performs admirably in terms of water tightness, air permeability, and wind load resistance.

It includes a slim and sleek handle with a hidden lock system that gives the window a streamlined appearance, limiting the window’s essence to the bare minimum while simultaneously providing increased security and an intuitive and simple user experience.


Otiima MixxWindows

FUSION is a system that is totally integrated with the finishing materials as if the window and the building are merging into one. This technology combines reinforced binding polyamides and toughened glass in the window frames to provide greater thermal and structural performance. It’s a unique system that’s totally integrated into the frame on all four sides, creating the perfect fusion and seamless link between the internal and outside spaces.

In addition, the OTIIMA FUSION has a gutter that can drain a huge volume of rainfall even in the harshest conditions.


Otiima MixxWindows

FLEX frame is an architectural glazing system that combines the highest technical performance of today’s most demanding construction standards with the elegance and delicateness of minimalist steel and wooden frames handcrafted by metal workers, with the goal of catering for various types of frames in a single solution, with maximum visual language, blending the result within the construction for a plain and simple appearance.

The OTIIMA FLEX frame can optionally include a beautiful wooden sub-frame in a variety of sizes, which can add character to the window while also enriching it and making it an important part of the architectural composition.

A variety of other complementary systems and solutions can be built and modified in addition to these systems.

Complementary systems such as DRAIN, LESS FRAME, and LARGLASS, as well as customized solutions such as automation, artificial intelligence integration, modular and integrated systems, and specific materials such as fiberglass, resin, and acrylic, may be used.

From concept to development, manufacture, assembly, and installation, it collaborates closely with each expert to ensure that its goals are met.

Its strategy is based on a combination of research, cutting-edge technology, and industry, which has resulted in the globalization of the minimal frame system market, as well as its international commercial network. It is a multi-award-winning organization with extensive experience in its industry, a forward-thinking mindset, and a compelling vision for the future.

When it comes to design, comfort, and security, all of its customized solutions satisfy the highest standards.

Trust, innovation, and technology are the cornerstones of its growth strategy.

Quality, trust, innovation, technological progress, usage of new building materials and inventive solutions, innovative systems, customization, and new markets are all part of OTIIMA’s growth plan. In the last two years, the company has expanded its presence not only in the domestic but also foreign markets, now operating in around twenty countries.

Each project is designed to meet the architects’ needs by providing a wide range of solutions and reducing the distance between inside and outside.

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