Renson‘s C+ system includes Healthbox 3.0. In dry rooms, fresh air is given by the inconspicuous Invisivent window ventilation system. Through Healthbox 3.0, polluting air is effectively removed.

The moisture level, CO2, and/or VOC (volatile organic compounds or ‘odors’) levels are continuously monitored by the built-in central sensors. When the air quality in a specific place deteriorates, Healthbox 3.0 responds promptly.

Do you have a shower? Then, in the bathroom, Healthbox 3.0 provides additional air.

Healthbox keeps the air in the bedroom clean at night. But what happens when no one is home? Your Healthbox will not waste energy and will not ventilate excessively as a result.

Constant monitoring of your home’s air quality

The air quality in your house may be seen at a glance when you launch the app by looking at the backdrop color. The most current Healthbox 3.0 activities are highlighted.

You can see the momentarily enhanced ventilation level on the graph after a shower or a night’s sleep. You can also go to a specific section to get the most up-to-date information on the ventilation levels in terms of moisture content, CO2, and/or VOC.

Make your ventilation unique.

Healthbox 3.0 ventilates according to the ‘Health’ profile by default. Due to the demand-driven ventilation technology, this profile delivers healthy indoor air while still being energy efficient.

You can choose the ‘Intense’ profile for a nursery, for example. Through enhanced ventilation, this profile will allow for a faster discharge of dirty air.

With the ‘Eco’ profile, the energy-saving component is prioritized, and contaminated air is eliminated over a longer period with less ventilation. Do you want to manually intervene? Using the app, you may effortlessly increase or reduce the ventilation level.

The industry’s quietest ventilation system

A new, energy-efficient, and silent fan is included in the Healthbox 3.0. Renson, as the ventilation expert, provides all of the necessary components for a faultless installation, including Easyflex air ducts, Acoudec acoustic damping connections, and a custom roof duct.

Healthbox 3.0 is the quietest ventilation system on the market thanks to these carefully matched components!

Design that is both compact and high-quality

The Healthbox 3.0 system is small and light, making it suited for both new construction and remodeling.

The ventilation system can be connected to up to 11 rooms.

Healthbox 3.0 also has a lot of benefits for installers. Installation is made quicker and faster thanks to the user-friendly installation app.

You save time as an installer from an administrative standpoint as well.

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