METRA’s distinctive products range from windows and doors to the building envelope for technology at the service of architecture and design in the construction of residential and commercial buildings and major projects.

METRA Building aluminium windows and doors provide excellent thermal performance, acoustic insulation, burglary resistance, and cutting-edge design.

METRA delivers integrated systems of aluminium casement and sliding windows and doors, entrance and internal doors, shading systems, curtain walls, and balconies analyzed and developed in detail, complete with everything, thanks to the experience and competence gained over the years.

Why should you choose METRA Building aluminium windows and doors for your home?

Both necessary and vibrant

Compact shapes that enable brightness recovery in the environment. The technology reaches its pinnacle and condenses to a mere 63 mm in thickness. Beauty is reflected in the design, which is completed with hidden ornaments and simple handles.

Maximum acoustic and thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is at the greatest performance levels with HES (High Energy Saving) technology. The cost of heating and cooling is reduced, and the level of living comfort is increased thanks to excellent sound insulation.

Practically unending

Mechanical resistance, stability, robustness, and upkeep are all minimized. Numerous features and exceptional benefits in a single substance that can last indefinitely.

Good night’s sleep

Burglar-proof systems of class RC2 and RC3 ensure security. A perimeter locking system with up to 16 points of entry (burglar alarm propensity) capable of repelling burglars and malicious intruders.

Performances of all hues

In terms of color selection, there is a lot of room for creativity. Under the Qualanod-Qualicoat-Seaside-Qualideco brand, oxidized finishes, matt, glossy, high-glossy, and wood-effect treatments are available, as well as an antibacterial alternative. 

More room to go about

A single solution that combines aesthetics and accessibility to break down architectural obstacles and provide easy access. Obstacles are minimized to a minimum with the lower threshold.

Integrated System That Is Perfect

Handles, opening and closing devices, hinges, gaskets, and corner cleats are all METRA Building originals that merge seamlessly with the window and door to ensure the greatest results.

Excellence of Italy

All METRA Building windows and doors are extruded in Italy and comply with the most stringent international standards. The most advanced integrated manufacturing techniques, combined with over 60 years of experience, have resulted in a beautiful, safe, and high-performing product.

METRA offers a variety of product lines.


METRA Building aluminium casement windows and doors complement curtain wall systems nicely and may be customized to meet any living or architectural needs. The casement windows and doors, as well as the endless surface finishes, are completed by the original accessories.


METRA Building’s aluminium sliding windows and doors are the perfect method to brighten up a room with natural light, which is always ensured by the huge transparent surfaces.

METRA Building’s aluminium sliding windows and doors are designed to complement curtain wall systems and can be used in a variety of living and architectural settings. 

The original accessories, as well as the endless surface finishes, complement the sliding windows and doors.


 METRA Building entrance doors are a true work of art in terms of design and technology, and they’re perfect for both private residences and public buildings, especially when used in conjunction with integrated curtain wall systems.There are a variety of finishes to choose from, with colors and effects to suit a variety of styles and tastes. 

METRA Building entrance doors are finished off with a variety of light sections that can be paired with glass and a selection of creative, one-of-a-kind accessories.


METRA Building aluminium shading solutions provide maximum performance in both residential and commercial environments; timeless items that can be flawlessly incorporated into any architectural context thanks to the catalog’s unlimited range of colors and finishes. 

METRA Building shading systems, sun blades, and shutters are distinguished by their superior materials and significant technological innovation.


Curtain walls are a system that can be used to create increasingly complex geometrical shapes using glass, LAMINAM® ceramic, stone, wood, and composites, all of which offer exceptional durability, thermal insulation, soundproofing, water tightness, and resistance to air, salt, and aggressive atmospheric agents.Energy savings, photovoltaic system compatibility, and high-quality opening and closing devices round out the advantages.


METRA Building’s aluminium balcony systems are synonymous with functionality, long-term durability, and safety. Balcony systems are separated into a wide range of solutions that fit into the most various architectural contexts: indoor and outdoor, parapets, balconies, walkways, hallways, steps, and railings. They were created to complete the range of aluminium windows and doors.


Solidity, durability, and acoustic comfort are all assured with METRA Building interior doors and partition walls. In addition, there is a large selection of designer accessories to suit even the most discerning customers.

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