There have been many options for Indian Architects and Interior Designers when it comes to windows and door systems for their upcoming luxury projects, we have listed some of the Top International brands for luxury windows and doors systems in India which are exclusively available through authorized dealers of these brands

What makes these brands an ideal choice for luxury projects?

These brands are known in the international market because of various reasons

  1. They have experience of decades in manufacturing their products 
  2. Wide range of products
  3. Excellent service by company or partner network for implementation 
  4. Used and recommended by top-notch Architects and Interior designers worldwide

One of the important features of these brands is that their products have resulted in amazing projects worldwide, Indian Architects and Interior Designers can rest assured that these brands bring a luxurious gaze to projects. Because of a wide network of partners across the globe and in India, these brand’s various products can be imported on a demand basis

Let’s quickly go through some of the Top International brands for luxury windows and doors system in India

Metra ( Italian Brand)

Metra is an Italian brand imported by Mixx Windows, Metra is known for casement and sliding windows and doors, entrance doors, shading systems, curtain walls, balconies, interior doors, and partition walls for over 60 years.

Metra is an expert in its field and its know-how to develop technologies and innovative, sustainable, modern products with an essential design.

Turning any design ideas into reality is the challenge, Metra’s team of specialists takes up every day, from the first steps in the design of buildings destined to make history at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Look at some of the finest work done by Metra

Renson ( Belgium Brand)

Renson distributed by Mixx windows in India, provides ventilation, solar control, and outdoor solutions to create a comfortable and safe environment in which to live and work. Comfort, energy efficiency, acoustics, and design are always key factors during the development of its innovative all-around concepts.

Renson’s mission is to turn homes into healthy living spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to its patio covers, you can create the backyard you can only dream of. With its ventilation and solar shading solutions, you can transform your home project into a healthy and comfortable space for your clients.

Look at some of the finest work done by Renson

Secco Sistemi (Italian Brand)

Secco Sistemi is imported by Mixxwindows in India that symbolizes innovation and design.

Secco has been contributing to the evolution of the engineering of doors and windows for 70 years, inventing systems and profiles that have become benchmarks for the industry of this sector, continuing to improve them and interpret the latest projects and trends of contemporary architecture.

Look at some of the finest work done by Secco

Acristalia ( Spanish Brand)

Acristalia is a recognized brand present in more than 20 countries and distributed by Mixx Windows in India, Acristalia designs manufacture, and installs enclosures to open space to multiple comfort choices. With innovative high-quality products that become the perfect complement to expand yours with an initial minimum capital input and the best value for money.

Look at some of the finest work done by Acristalia

Otiima ( American brand)

OTIIMA is an award-winning window and door manufacturer. Specializing in aluminum, minimal frame systems. Its systems are designed with the combination of research, cutting-edge technology, and pushing industry standards, thus raising the bar in the minimal frame market worldwide. 

It is a recognized global family with proven experience, an enterprising attitude, and a powerful vision of the future. All of OTIIMA’s products meet the highest requirements when it comes to design, strength, and security. 

Otiima is available in India by its distribution partner Mixx Windows 

Look at some of the finest work done by Otiima

Arlu (Belgium Brand)

ARLU, the reference for opening doors. It is the manufacturer behind the brand names argenta for interior solutions and rob for exterior solutions.

For over 100 years, argenta has been a leading brand of indoor fittings, but now, it is mainly synonymous with invisible door systems while Rob has been a pioneering brand in outdoor hardware for more than 80 years.

Some of the inspirational work done by Arlu

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