Architects and Interior design professionals with an experienced partner can create miraculous projects. Since architects and interior designers should focus on delivering their projects on time, having the right partner to support them from the beginning would always make the professional’s journey easy.

Architects and interior designers need an expert and experienced partner who would not only provide the right set of options for architects and interior designers but also extend the support service.
Mixx windows is such a premium partner trusted by many architects and interior designers for luxury fenestration needs for Doors, Windows, Curtain Glazing, and Facade Cladding solutions.

Having 2 decades of experience, Mixx Windows is specialized in designing, manufacturing, and installation of doors and windows in Aluminium, Alu-Wood, Engineered Burma Teak, and other exotic materials such as Bronze and Copper.
Mixx Windows adopts the most comprehensive quality management system. Search for any essential and advanced products for Architects and Interior designers are made available by Mixx windows and their consultants who have been in the industry long enough to know what works and will assist Architects and Interior Designers in the right direction when it comes to their requirements in a most cost-effective manner.

MixxWindows as a one-stop-shop has been serving and empowering top Architects and Interior Designers. Mixx windows have a state-of-the-art showroom at Gurgaon, also supply across PAN India. A great deal of effort was put into the design of the showroom and you will be able to find all the latest products and services required. Innovation and technology is the key to the success of Mixx windows.
Mixxwindows has selected and imported the best of the brands and made it accessible for Indian Architects and Interior Designers so that they can create aesthetics and masterpieces with international standards. MixxWindows has collaborated and is the exclusive distributor of international brands of Metra, Otiima, Secco, etc for a variety of Architectural and Interior products and solutions

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