Sometimes a having an additional door in the room can devastate the purity of the design. 

Invisible Aluminum frames are a perfect revolution in the world of Interior and Architects. They are an extraordinary choice for restricted surface spaces and contemporary interiors

The high-end invisible flush-to-wall frames not only provide a secret getaway but are also good enough in the stylish, imaginary, and personal ambiance of interiors in a functional space-saving way.

The innovative invisible door system outside the wall, for wooden and glass doors, with soft-closing, can lead to a bathroom, library, studio, TV room, storage area that helps the rest of your space to remain chaotic free. 

Invisible Aluminum frames are the magic of architectural minimalism makes it a distinctive and quirky product, can be used in place of a hallway to separate a bedroom from a living room in a confined area, to conceal a workroom from sight when idle, or to turn out a place to get some me-time away from family members.

Arlu is an international brand that manufactures sleek invisible Aluminum frames that add the finishing touch to a minimalist interior The doors with an invisible frame may look sleek and simple, but the result is a high-quality door that will last a lifetime.

ARLU is the manufacturer behind the brand name argenta which has been a leading brand in door hardware for over 100 years, but today it is mainly synonymous with invisible door systems. Minimalist architecture swears by clean lines and a “back to the essence” mentality. 

In terms of interior doors, this results in integrated door fittings, invisibly integrated techniques, door frames, and skirting boards for revolving, sliding, and pivoting doors. 

Argenta stands for a full range of sleek interior solutions.

argenta INVISIDOOR 2.0

Maximum flexibility in invisible doorframes: that’s what invisidoor 2.0 stands for. The doorframe of invisidoor 2.0 consists of a base profile with u-profiling, in which the position of the invisible neo hinges and the lock can be freely selected using various adapters. The base frame for doors rotating to both the left and the right is the same, meaning the rotation direction of the door can still be freely decided even after the frame has been plastered in. Once the position of the adapters has been decided, the remaining space in the u-profile is simply and neatly finished using the cover profile


In contrast to traditional interior doors, invisidoor prioritizes contemporary, minimalist architecture and the greatest purity in all aspects. With its hinges and doorframe invisibly concealed, this results in the ultimate solution for sleek interiors. This way, the design of the building can get the attention it deserves, without drowning in technical aspects that often take the aesthetic upper hand.


Argenta® invisidoor AX is an invisible aluminum frame for interior pivot doors that can easily, quickly, and invisibly be installed and plastered. This innovative concept makes installing a pivot door like a child’s play; fitting the frame with its integrated pivot system is extremely easy, and no built-in floor system is required. Argenta invisidoor AX is the perfect solution for a dressing room door or a door between a kitchen and living room, as it can easily and quickly be pushed open, in both directions, without a door handle.


Argenta® invisidoor AX Pro is an invisible aluminum frame for interior pivot doors up to 100 kg that is ideal for heavier and more frequently used solutions. As the pivot system is integrated into the door leaf, argenta invisidoor AX Pro can be used in both new build and renovation projects, presenting the ideal solution for floors with under-floor heating in both circumstances. The door can be opened in both directions and has a hold position at 90°. Thanks to an active closure damper, the door always returns to its zero position. This keeps the door perfectly flush with the wall, ensuring there are no interruptions with the sleek design of the wall. Argenta invisidoor AX Pro complies with the requirements of the EN 1154 standard for door closers.


Invisidoor S is a sliding door that disappears into the wall when opened and sits perfectly flush when closed. It is the ultimate combination of the best of invisidoor DL and invisidoor SDX: the harmonious character of an invisible doorframe for pivot doors paired with the practical space-saving properties of a pocket door. The unique door hardware not only guarantees optimal and diagonal guidance for the door leaf; it also remains accessible at all times for height adjustment and to remove the door leaf if necessary. Ergonomics and top architecture combined, in other words, with the door leaf disappearing completely into the wall.


Argenta® invisidoor SDX is a complete solution with an invisible aluminum frame for interior doors that slide into the wall, which enables you to extend the sleek design of the invisidoor range to your sliding doors in both timber and glass. Now that argenta invisidoor SDX is also available for timber sliding doors in a corner setup, a whole new world of interior design possibilities is opened up. In both assisted-living facilities or lofts, separating small spaces without having to lose any sense of spaciousness is where the skill lies. Interior doors up to 100 kg can easily be removed thanks to Manual or Auto Fix, and the removable top profile ensures the same applies to all doorstops and closers

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