Sun protection fabrics

Sun protection fabrics make a pleasant shaded area anywhere required, such as patio, car spaces, porch, balcony, children’s play areas, kennel, swimming pool, playground, and any other outdoor area, set out as privacy and enclosure screen.

Sun protection fabrics are ideal for protection from extreme weather conditions

Sun protection shades bring outdoor spaces a completely distinct escapade during the warm months of the year. Instead of drubbing away during the best parts of the day, with sun protection fabric for the home and office setups, one can spend time out of doors having the benefit of the admirable weather. 

Sun protection fabrics block UV block while allowing cooling air circulation. Heat and glare are appreciably reduced so the sun protection fabrics can make pleasant even on the hottest days. 

Sun protection fabrics can modify indoor and outdoor surroundings by upgrading the existing décor. They are highly recommended by architects and interior designers because of the advantages that they bring along. 

Irrespective of how dull or uninteresting the environment is, putting up sun protection fabrics can change that simple outdoor setting into an eye-catching and dynamic area. They have a simple but stylish appearance that complements a variety of architectural approaches. 

The benefits of sun protection fabrics both in residential and commercial establishments are many and varied.

Sun protection fabrics keep cool and safe

Sun protection fabrics used in the residential building provide shelter for home and office, keeping the temperature down and protecting from harmful UVR. while sun protection fabrics used in commercial shade sails are also available to protect offices and employees. During the hot summer months, having a shade solution for the home or office becomes a necessity.

Lower Electrical Costs

Sun protection fabrics don’t just provide defense during the hot summer months, they are also tremendously effective at bringing down electricity costs. Sun protection fabrics help to shield the home or office, helping to reduce the temperature inside and cut down on the need for constant air conditioning. If used properly, sun protection fabrics will pay for themselves in the long run by saving money on summer electricity bills.

Add Aesthetic gain to Home or Office

Sun protection fabrics are not only empirical, they are also attractive pieces of contemporary design. By choosing the right shape, design, and color of sun protection to ensemble home or office, one can improve its overall aspects. 

Improve the worth of Home and Office

Sun protection fabrics are one of the swift and minimal expensive ways to transform the look and feel of home or office. They also add value to the property far beyond what one might expect from such a modest investment. Sun protection fabrics simultaneously make home or office look better and feel cooler and more comfortable inside and out.

Mixx windows in association with Renson brings the best right sun protection fabrics for Indian architects and interior designers 

A wide range of options are available by Renson, 

  • Fabric awnings for vertical glazing
  • Vertical solar protection in combination with fresh air supply
Vertical solar protection in combination with fresh air supply
  • Outdoor shades for horizontal or sloped glazing
Sun protection fabrics
  • Shades for glass-on-glass corner windows
Sun protection fabrics
  • Shades for sliding windows
  • Shades for balcony
  • Outdoor shades for a pergola, patio cover, or carport
  • Blinds for conservatory
  • Screens for a curtain wall

Why Renson shades?


Extra Comfort

An external roller shade not only ensures a comfortable indoor climate in-home or office but also prevents annoying reflections or glare. For extra comfort, external roller blinds can be fully automated, so the system always ensures the optimum temperature, even when someone is not home or office

Seamless Minimalist design

The look and design of our products are innovative. Seamless integration, concealed mounting parts, durable materials, and smart solutions ensure a perfectly finished product that can blend into any type of home or office.

High quality and durability

Renson is the European trendsetter in natural ventilation, outdoor sun protection, and outdoor living. All of our high-quality products are made in Belgium and are tested under the most stringent conditions. This enables us to guarantee optimum quality. Our network of well-trained Ambassadors ensures flawless service, installation, and after-sales service.

Ease of use and maintenance

Renson products are not only designed to be easy to use but also to retain their characteristics for many years, day in and day out, under all weather conditions. That is why the products are also made from the most qualitative and durable materials, so one can enjoy them for many years after purchase – with a minimum of maintenance.

Contact Mixx windows for a wide range of solutions and products by Renson

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