Loggia sliding panels are a fantastic product because you can slide them open in the winter and other seasons to take advantage of the free solar heat in your house while still protecting your property from the harmful effects of direct sunlight on warm days. These sliding panels provide the seclusion you choose and can be made of different materials. You have a choice of at least three sliding systems, including simple sliding (individual control), symmetrical sliding (two panels are joined), and telescopic sliding, depending on the circumstance and your demands (two or more panels on a variety of bottom rails).

The simplicity of use of these sliding systems is another fantastic benefit. Controls might be either manual or motorised. Additionally, they are not always required to be worn for sun protection. Through either a permanent installation or a folding system, they can also add aesthetic value to the facade’s overall appearance.

We have no doubts about the superiority of the Loggia sliding panels, which are available in a variety of configurations, including those with screens made of solar-resistant fibreglass cloth, hardwood slats, or sleek aluminium slats. We may install the slats at various degrees of inclination and with various slat sizes depending on the required shading and transparency. In essence, you, the user, have the final say. Will you be in the company of these slippery, active ‘housemates’ soon?

Whichever sliding panels you choose, your home will benefit from both practical and aesthetically pleasing benefits. True, every variety has unique characteristics with regard to transparency and sun protection. This is why seeking professional advice is always a good idea. The benefits of each Loggia panel are well-known by our Renson distributors, and we are of course pleased to help. Please let us know if you need any other details.

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