Louvres can used in all types of buildings, from technical cabins and hospitals to factory buildings. Louvres ensure that fresh air can enter from outside and polluted or overheated indoor air can be discharged. Louvres are frequently used in the residential sector as the exterior finishing for a extraction hood, airing cupboard or a home air-extractor fan.

Louvres offer great added value as ventilative cooling (night cooling) to avoid overheating in a building. This means they are essential for keeping buildings functional and liveable.

What louvre would be best for your application?

There are numerous distinct types of louvres. Your preferred installation method, the degree of air permeability, and the degree of water repellency are just a few of the variables that will affect your louvre selection. If you have specific requirements, such as burglar resistance or noise absorption, Renson also provides an appropriate solution. The user-friendly filter and calculation function in our Louvres Selector will assist you in selecting the ideal louvres from our wide selection.

Experience and innovation in ventilation louvres over 50 years

We have developed and produced high-quality ventilation louvres for a variety of applications for more than 50 years. Renson is a true trendsetter in the industry as a result of this. In addition to surface-mounted window, door, and floor louvres, we also provide wall louvres. Additionally, they’re all offered in every imaginable size, shape, and colour!

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