The success of your project in terms of aesthetics and sustainability is largely determined by the facade cladding. Specialists Renson and Linius collaborated to create a world-class solution for aluminium cladding that excels in terms of quality, usability, and longevity. Linius is a well-liked product among facade builders and architects as a result of its limitless potential and undeniable aesthetic worth.

Horizontal facade cladding: make the right choice

mixxwindow cladding

For horizontal facade cladding, opt for the specialists: Renson has the experience, the products and service to make your new construction or renovation project a success. Did you know, for those who prefer a vertical cladding design, we have a second prestigious line in facade cladding with Linarte? Feel free to contact us for more information or to select the right material with one of our Ambassadors.

a modern and functional end product

Linius is not only the ideal product for your facade’s (maintenance-friendly) cladding design; the profiles are also ideal for highlighting inner walls or for finishing doors, up-and-over garage doors, and sectional doors that blend in and are undetectable in the facade’s overall appearance.

One thing is certain: Linius gives you a horizontal facade cladding that is completely to your taste. The cherry on top is that the fastening of the profiles is totally and imperceptibly hidden, completing the elegant look.

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