If you have good outdoor space and desire to create an extra living space for yourself, family and friends get together, Pergola structures can be adopted to give luxury gaze for your outdoor space and also accord good protection against sun and rain both the scenarios 

What is Pergola?

A pergola is an open-air outdoor shade structure used in the garden, front, or backyard of a building, from time to time it’s also used in the terrace of the buildings. You can enrich the pergola with a variation of lighting options. They are commonly made of Vinyl, Wood, or Aluminum materials and also come in a variety of shapes 

What are the different purposes of a Pergola? 

  1. Pergola is largely used as a shade system for sitting out in gardens, terraces, and backyards

2. Pergola can frame a walkway in the sizeable outdoor space

3. Pergola bestow modish look to outdoor space by making it a good hangout or entertainment space for yourself, with family and friends

4. Pergola works as temperature control for any season whether its rain or sunny day; one can enjoy the outdoor fun on any day of the year 

5. With Pergolas you can upgrade your swimming pool area or elevate the view of your garden 

What are the types of Pergola? 

A. Freestanding Pergola 

It stands alone separately in the landscape, ideal for garden, pool, or away from home or building  

B. Attached Pergola

It’s attached to the wall of any indoor structure as an extension feature  

C. Arched Pergola

Unlike other pergolas, the arched pergola is unique and set forth elegant look for larger outdoor space, and is suitable for walkways 

D. Louvered Pergola

Pergola with adjustable rafters, one can open or close rafters based on climate. There are both manual and automatic models available as an alternative 

E. Awning Pergola

Awning pergola mostly attached over doors and windows

What are the types of materials in Pergola?

Pergola can be fabricated in various types of material components, it depends on the usage. The cost and maintenance depends on the type of material you choose, the following material is most common in pergola

** Wood Pergola

Wood is the cheapest and oldest type of pergola used, but its maintenance cost is more in the long run

** Vinyl Pergola

Vinyl is durable and long-lasting, but expensive 

** Aluminum Pergola

Aluminum Pergola is a cost-effective and high-quality choice for modern architects and exterior designers. Unlike wood and vinyl pergola, it solves the problem of maintenance and cost.

Steel, Fiber, and Concrete is the other form of material that pergolas will be made of. But Aluminum Pergola is the ideal choice for anyone looking for quality and cost-effective solutions for outdoor shading 

Renson is one of the international brands in Aluminum Pergolas provides countless options and can fully customized options like Automatic Solar Shading, Audio, Heating, LED lights et. Based on building needs, this Aluminum pergola can be adapted to your luxury lifestyle

Renson is Supreme in quality and durability. Its minimalistic design, endless personalization, and ease of maintenance make its favorite among leading Architects 

Following are the major pergola products by Renson

Camargue / Camargue Skye

  • It is with fully retractable roof
  • Durable rotation and sliding technology because of S-drive technology
  • All accessories can be beautifully integrated
  • Multiple part coupling in span direction can also be retrofitted

Algarve / Algarve Canvas

  • Multiple purpose use as patio cover and carport
  • Rigid upper roof made of sheet metal and an anti-condensation layer
  • Tautly stretched ceiling by Fixscreen technology
  • Matches all architectural structures 

Aero / Aero Canvas

  • Minimalist design for subtle integration
  • Combination of the louvered roof and optional fixed canvas screen
  • Extensive range of side elements
  • The slender support structure, no visible screws

Find out more about Renson Pergolas here 

For any queries regarding the supply of Renson Pergolas in India, you can reach on +91- 8130 101 999/ email info@mixxwindows.com

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