Glass Curtains provide great views, the feeling of space, and the best comfort you can imagine. 

“What are glass curtains?”

Simple answer: they are panes of glass fitted together without an intrusive framework, which allows for uninterrupted views around your home. They add a modern but elegant touch to any room. 

Curtains for all sorts of premises

Beautiful and elegant in design, vertically frameless Glass Curtains can be used throughout your home, office, retail establishment, or shopfront. Choose to open your space or close it, while maintaining a feeling of openness and spaciousness at all times.

Why Glass Curtains Are Beneficial

In addition to the aesthetic appeal and undisturbed views, Glass Curtains have a wide variety of other advantages over conventional framed windows

– Noise levels are reduced by glass curtains… No more noisy neighbors!

– Your balcony, patio, or terrace can be enjoyed year-round when you have Glass Curtains.

– Wind and rain are deflected by glass curtains.

– Glass curtains increase the amount of space available in your living room.

– Glass Curtains are custom-made to fit your home and office needs.

Many brands are offering Glass Curtains in the market, however Acristalia one of the leading manufactures of Glass Curtain, is a Spanish made brand, 

“Acristalia” designs, manufacture, and installs special glazing that opens your space to multiple possibilities of comfort., Acristalia is a commitment from start to finish

The design and development of our products from manufacture to delivery are governed by high-quality standards and commitment to the demands of our customers.

1. The favorite of the professionals

The efficiency and quality of Acristalia products require correct installation. Professionals in the sector know this, which is why they choose glass curtains that guarantee a clean, optimized, and trouble-free system.

2. Flexibility for any terrace

The Standard Series Glass Curtains adapt to all spaces: straight, angled, polygonal, etc., allowing their installation in any project.

3. Resistance test

The Standard Series Glass Curtains have CE marking that guarantees quality in each step of the manufacturing process. The curtain has been subjected to tests and trials in laboratories that guarantee its resistance to wind and maneuvering forces.

4. Own installation service

All its products are installed by professionals trained in the heart of our company and prepared to solve any eventuality.

5. Five years with all guarantees

Your trust is our greatest satisfaction, that is why the Standard Series Glass Curtains have a 5-year product guarantee. In addition, Acristalia offers you a personalized service to solve any possible incident that may arise.

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