Renson Outdoor is a global leader and innovator in the field of outdoor living. All patio covers, carports, facade components, and garden elements have the same style and feel and are known for their longevity, comfort, and exceptional quality. Renson is known for its ongoing innovation, which has helped to make its garden concepts some of the best in the world for outdoor living. This means that when you choose Renson Outdoor, you’re getting a high-end design that you can use throughout your home. You may create the optimum environment this way, allowing you to enjoy life outside all year.


A Renson aluminium pergola can be used to create more outdoor living areas. Are you seeking a friendly lounge to spend time with friends and family, a safe playroom for the kids, or a quiet spot to unwind in any season? The pergola is custom-made to fit your lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy wonderful leisure all year long.
Whether freestanding or affixed to the exterior, all of its pergolas are built on an aluminium frame. Because there are so many options, you may completely customize your pergola to meet your needs. Automatic sun shading, LED lighting for added ambiance, and even audio and heating elements are among the alternatives. It’s entirely up to you!


The Renson Algarve Canvas is the perfect choice for keeping your automobile safe from the elements. The aluminium carport is visually appealing due to its slim aluminium frame and sturdy fixed roof, which eliminates the need for separating beams. You can choose from a freestanding model, one that is affixed to your home’s exterior, or one that extends above your front door. This means that between your car and your front door, you are constantly protected from the weather.
The Renson Algarve Canvas’ fixed roof is made up of two high-quality pieces. An enameled steel plate with an anti-condensation layer is the top layer.
A solar shade canvas screen in the color of your choice is stretched beneath it. The result is a smooth-looking stretch ceiling with a velvety appearance that hides the steel plates underneath. This minimalist and sleek aluminium carport come with a variety of alternative finishes, including LED lighting and fixed walls. From screw couplings to water drainage tubes, all of the technologies used are completely hidden. You may also combine the Renson Algarve Canvas with an Algarve louvered pergola to create a large covered space that complements the entire design and feel of your home!


Renson siding gives your home, garden, or business a uniform and beautiful appeal, whether you choose classic or modern styles. Its aluminium siding was created with style, longevity, and quality in mind. This external wall siding has no visible screws or fixings. You may even carry this fashionable look into your home’s interior by covering an internal wall with aluminium siding.

It is available in three different variants. The horizontal Linius and vertical Linarte are ideal for connecting your facade, garage door, and doors in a smooth manner. Your doorbell or mailbox can also be completely integrated.
Are you seeking aluminium cladding that can be used as both a privacy screen and a sunshade? If that’s the case, the Loggia sliding panels are perfect. They are available in a variety of styles, from aluminium louvres to a fixed screens.

Aspects of a garden

Linarte garden pieces provide a consistent look and feel to your house and yard. Would you like to have your freestanding wall along your driveway clad in the same design as your facade cladding? Or are you looking for a garden bench or planter box trough with matching lighting? You can pick how far you want to take the Linarte design with its wide range of garden components. Mailboxes and package drop boxes are also included in the design.
Linarte garden pieces have a vertical interplay of lines that give your garden a sleek appearance. You can choose from two different profiles in a total of 20 RAL colors, which you can mix and match to create your unique structure.

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